Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram and Facebook @enchantedbellaboutique.  If you do not see a workshop that suits your needs, please contact us to see if we can customize a workshop and/or hosting package for your organization, private and corporate events.  We can cater to bigger classes as well as girl scout craft workshops. 

How do I book a workshop?


  1. Choose a project from our workshop menu 

  2. Contact us with your selected choice(s), the details for your event such as location, number of attendees and date of your event

  3. Once approved, you will receive an invoice to be paid in full (non-refundable see cancellation details should you need to reschedule).

  4. Confirm the number of attendees 7 days prior to your schedule date (we do realize the number of attendees can change.  


  • Our workshop listed price do NOT include taxes and gratuity.

  • Additional Fees are added for extra guests that exceed the maximum number of guests.  Every workshop varies in price for additional guest(s). Price can range from $15.00 to $85.00 per guest. For instance, if a class is $500, the extra student will have a fee of $45.00.

  • Travel Fees are also added to your total costs if traveling outside of our 10 mile radius from where the instructor resides.  Refer to our Travel information below. 

  • If you have extra guests that participate beyond the 10 maximum guests per workshop, you will be charged an additional fee of $40 towards the instructor fee. (It is a solid cost of $40 per 10 guests)

  • Your classes are set accordingly.  If you would like extra time, it will be at a cost of $10 per 15 minutes over the allotted time for you workshop.




In order to reserve your class and your date, you must pay the invoice in full once approved.  Your workshop is not considered reserved unless payment is made.  Which means, someone else can take your time slot if you have not made a payment.


All reservations must be made no less than 14 days prior to your scheduled date and based on availability.  Any reservations made less than 14 days to your scheduled date will incur an additional fee of $60.00.  We set our schedules accordingly.  Due to short notice, you may be limited in your choices as we have to make sure we have the craft items in stock for your workshop.


Cancellations (“IMPORTANT”)


If you should need to cancel your workshop for any reason, cancellations must be made no less than 4 days prior to your scheduled workshop.  Keep in mind your workshop is nonrefundable but we do not want our clients to lose money.  We try our best to avoid this from happening so we give our customers the opportunity to reschedule the event no less than 72 hours prior to the scheduled workshop. 


If you do not contact us to reschedule your event no less than 72 hours prior to your scheduled workshop, we regret to inform you that you will lose your full payment and you cannot transfer your workshop to another day.  Workshops cannot be changed for another.  We purchase extra crafting supplies and tools based on your request allowing you to change your workshop will cause us to lose money. 

Exceptions to our Cancellation Policy

The only exceptions for rescheduling after your 72 hour grace period is if there are weather related issues beyond our control and we feel it is not safe to travel or if the weather may affect your event.  Discretion is up to Enchanted Bella Boutique. Your event will be rescheduled on a date that is suitable for our customer as well as our instructor.  The safety of our customers and our staff is our highest priority.  

Customer Responsibility


  1. Final headcount must be provided 7 days prior to your event.  You will receive a text, call or email regarding the final count.   Our staff count and craft projects are based on projected number of guests; headcount will be based on actual attendance.

  2. Depending on the type of craft project chosen, we may require an open floor space 6’ x 12’ to fit up to 10 kids comfortably including the instructor. 

  3. If you have additional kids and you have not notified us prior, we cannot guarantee that we will have extra supplies to provide your guests.  

  4. If you exceed the number of maximum guest for the group projects, please let us know as we may have to add an additional instructor fee of $40.00 (weather we have another instructor on site or not) and any extra guests will also incur an additional charge per guest(s).

  5. We may need up to 20 minutes of set up time and at least 20 minutes of clean up time.  Please keep that time frame in mind so that we do not use up your class time.

  6. Please keep your children or guest(s) occupied while we set up to avoid interruptions that may cause us to eat up your crafting time.

  7. Our main priority is the safety of our staff, if we feel that your guests are disrespectful or feel unsafe, we have the option to leave if a resolution is not met to rectify the problem as it arises.  Please note, if we leave, you will NOT be refunded.  


What do we provide?


We provide everything you will need to use for your workshop.  You just need to invite your friends, family, co-workers and fellow influencers and have fun!


  • We provide all the supplies and materials needed to accomplish the workshop project of your choice;

  • We offer trained instructor(s) to provide step-by-step instructions. There is 1 instructor per 10 participants.  If there are more than 10 participants and we are not made aware in advance, we cannot guarantee we have additional packages for your guests to work on and should we happen to have extra, we will charge you for an additional instructor fee of $40 prior to starting the event and additional costs per person for your participating guests

How far do we travel? 


Currently there are 4 instructors who will travel within a 10-mile radius from their current location listed below.  We will match you up with an instructor closest to your designation.  Any traveling beyond their designated area will incur a $3 per mile fee up to an additional 10 miles.  This does not include tolls if any.  That will be added to your cost. 


Unless indicated that travel expenses are included such as in our private classes, anything located within Manhattan, Bronx or Suffolk County will incur a travel fee of $50.00 (tolls are included in the travel fees).  As our business grows we will add more field instructors.  Currently we are working on obtaining 2 instructors who reside in the Bronx. 

We have an instructor in Park Slope, Brooklyn, 2 in Saint Albans, Queens and 1 Valley Stream (Nassau County).


Florida Classes

Please keep in mind as of November 2020, we will offer classes in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas within 10 miles. Same travel fees will apply.  

Where can we host our workshops?

As long as we you make the arrangements and obtain proper permission from your venue of choice, we can host workshops in your home, a restaurant, coffee shop, church, VFW, American Legion or any business location. Please contact us for any additional locations. 

How long are your workshops?


Our workshops can last from 1 hour to 3 hours excluding set up and clean up time.  We customize our workshops to your schedule.  

Do-it-yourself Craft Stations for Parties 

There are a series of craft stations we can provide whether in person or as we call it party-in-a-box so you can create your own craft station at home or in a selected venue.  We will send you all the supplies you need but there may be some craft projects that require you to provide items such as an iron and small ironing board for personalizing baby onesies, shirts and or bibs with HTV iron on decals or rhinestone appliques.

We will provide you with full instructions, gift cards for your guests to add to their one of a kind creation for your little ones.  

Our craft stations are as follows:

Headband, bibs or onesie craft station for baby showers

Shirts and tote bags craft stations for  bachelorette parties or birthdays

Headband, shirts or bow making crafting stations for birthdays


How many guests can you accommodate at your events?


Depending on staff availability we can accommodate groups of up to 30 people.  Should we require a larger number of staff members, we may enlist the help of freelance crafters to assist us with our workshop.


Each workshop has a minimum number of guests as indicated within the context of each workshop.  Should you not be able to meet the minimum requirement of people but wish to proceed, please contact us to see if we can accommodate your party size.


Private classes are available for up to 3 people. Each workshop has the option of private classes with the rates. 


Additional Craft Workshop Options: 


Fundraisers are the best way to help raise money.   Host your fundraiser with us and a portion of the workshop fee will go directly to your charitable organization, school PTA/PTO, church or temple.  Choose from any one of our creative workshops, advertise the event to your organization using flyers we can help create and your social media.  If you do not see a workshop listed that suits your needs, we will try our best to custom create one.  Let us take care of the registration.  We will set up a registration for your group.  After the event, please allow up to one week to receive a donation check from Enchanted Bella Boutique to your charity based on the number of people attending.  Our goal is to give back to the community that helps to support us.  Private fundraiser events can include silent auctions or other similar activities to add to your event. 

Senior Citizen & Craft Workshops

Our workshops are great for senior citizens.  We would love to travel to your senior centers, homes and/or other senior care facilities.

Workshops for Veterans or Children suffering from PTSD, depression, and anxiety. 

Our Veteran workshops are designed to keep their minds occupied and focused on other things other than their traumas. We can provide wooden model kits such as planes, trains, bird houses, teepee, animals, cabins, pirate boats, fishing boats and cars to be put together, painted and embellished. 

Our children workshop can range - we can try to come up with a customized workshop that suits your needs.


1. Team Building

What is the alternative to after hours events at a typical bar for employees to get together and let loose?  What new and exciting things can you offer your employees?  Our fun workshops are the perfect alternative for team building and client events.  We train our instructors to ensure that every participant has a great time, feels accomplished and creates an environment where your guests, peers, employees can bond.  We customize our workshops to work with your schedule.

It is a known fact that when employees are happy in their work environment the production is greater and work environment pleasant.  You know the saying “A happy wife, a happy life”, in this case “A happy employee, leads to a booming business”. 

How do you create that type of environment within the work place?  Simple you offer your employees a fun team building supportive environment that welcomes creativity.  Be the best boss ever when you host your very own event at your facility.   We can offer custom team building workshops if you choose to go a different route than the workshops offered.

The best way to improve or strengthen teamwork is by encouraging a collaborative project through “out of the box” creative thinking.  Make an incredible one of a kind artwork that your office can hang or place within the work place.  It will serve as a reminder as to what you can achieve when working together in a group. 

  1. Motivational Work of Art Minimum of 6 participants, maximum of 10 $600. Each additional person will be an additional charge of $45.00

  • 2.5 - 3  hours (this project we feel is important for growth so we may extend your time by a half an hour based on participation and feedback at no additional cost to you. 

  • Each team member will receive a pre-drawn letter on a canvas or a wooden letter to help create their inspirational word. 

  • Each team member will paint and embellish their pre-drawn letter on a canvas piece or a wooden letter. 


Choose your words wisely… motivation words that help to inspire others are great.  Why not create a collaborative piece of art using inspirational words.  You can hang up or place in your work place upon completion.   

2. Office and Classroom Decorations


When you’re in your own personal cubical, desk or office/classroom, often you want to create a personal work environment.We offer a variety of office décor workshops so that you can create something special for your space or someone else.


1. Desk Name Plate Minimum of 6 participants, maximum of 10 $400. Each additional person will be an additional charge of $35.00

  • 2 hours

  • Each member will receive a blank wooden plaque with a stand and a stencil of their name. 

  • Each member will paint and embellish their wooden plaque for their office or for someone else.

  • We will supply you with embellishments, paints and a variety of craft supplies to customize your name plate. 


2. Photo Frame Minimum of 6 participants, maximum of 10 $350. Each additional person will be an additional charge of $30.00

  • 2 hours

  • Each member will receive a wooden frame to paint and embellish. 

  • Each member will paint and embellish their wooden frame for their office or for someone else.

  • We will supply you with embellishments, paints and a variety of craft supplies to customize your wooden frame. 

Classroom Projects

Often parents feel lost when trying to decide what crafting necessities are needed for their child’s school project.  Parents often over spend or are not sure how to help their children.  Let us help you by allowing us to assist them with their do-it-yourself project such as science fair display boards, poster projects, or any other project. 

Let us know what the assignment is and we will try to guide you on how to help them and we will provide you with the tools you will need to help create their project. 




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